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Cambridge 13: Test 3 (SPEAKING)

It has been a long time since I posted here. I was busy doing other stuff that I did not have enough time to do some practices. However, now I can concentrate on practicing again. Anyway, here's the third installation of the 13th Cambridge IELTS textbook. Maybe some of you already have a copy of this since I have been seeing a lot of pdf copies of this new book on the internet lately. But for those of you who do not have access to this pdf, here it is. You can check my other posts for some of the other test questions from this book, too.

Well, if you look at the questions well, the first part is already a bit challenging to answer since it is considered somewhat a "taboo" to talk about money. On the other hand, we must also consider that the questions do not entirely ask about how you manage your money.

Anyway, good luck! Again, I do recommend that you practice every day as much as possible and do try to ask someone's assistance. You need another person to tell you i…
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Avoid this same mistake!

I have become so obsessed with trying to improve my writing skill by reading as much as I can. I’ve been reading all sorts of things from grammar books to self-help books, news articles and blog posts, but I never really tried “applying” whatever techniques I have learned (or observed) from all those reading. Lately, I couldn’t find time to actually write or when I’m in the mood to write, I can’t seem to find a good topic, supporting ideas or whatnot. This sucks. Such poor time management skill. I have let myself believe that acquiring more knowledge could actually help me improve my writing skill. I have forgotten that writing needs to be practiced.

Page name update

I have been receiving and reading comments about some of the essays I posted on my blog. Some were about what I need to change in my outputs, while some are negative comments about them. Well, to be honest, I always appreciate whatever people think about my work. Whether they like it or not will depend on them. I apologize if my blog's name misleads other fellow IELTS learners into thinking that my essays and posts are "perfect" or the "best". Although it is mentioned on the home page that these posts are only practice writings that I did when I was learning to write academic essays before sitting for the exam roughly 2 years ago.

As I recall, I couldn't find sample essays of sample tests that I used at that time. And because of this, I decided to make this blog and post my writings so that those who are also practicing and trying to answer the same writing tasks can have at least a resource of how other people might interpret these graphs and problems. 

Try not to be stuck

Being in the ESL world, I have probably discussed everything under the sun. In my experience, questions can seem too easy but quite difficult to provide plausible and comprehensible answers to. At times, one person can be knowledgeable in one topic whilst the other has completely no idea about it. 
When preparing for the IELTS test, students are burdened to provide an answer that can be good enough for the target band score they need. Students may have a hard time learning too many things all at the same time. They are asked to respond to questions with fluency and coherence, wide lexical resource and grammar range, with a neutral accent. More often than not, I meet students who are good at one skill and terrible at the others. Does this sound like you? If so, fear not for you are not alone. Learning a language is a lifelong commitment. 
Here are some ways you can do to help you study for your IELTS.

1. Be sure to have a strong English language foundation.

Easier said than done. Some …

Cambridge 13: Test 2 (Speaking)

Some questions here are tough to answer as it requires you to look back on your childhood. Also, part 3 questions are about issues we tackle every day. Practice your speaking skills by recording your responses. Have fun speaking English!

Organising your ideas: MIND MAPPING practice

Here's a simple practice you can do to help improve how you organise your ideas and opinions.

Video link

Cambridge 13: Test 1 (Speaking Part 1 sample answers)

Sample responses:

Question 1:
I mostly do a  lot of TV-watching at home since we just purchased a new television a couple a weeks ago, and I also prefer doing this activity with my family members on the weekends.

Question 2:
I'm a huge fan of classic TV shows like "Friends" and "House M.D." If I'm in a light mood and I just want to relax and laugh, I watch "Friends" but when I feel "academic"  or maybe I just want to feel mysterious and stuff like that, I watch the medical drama "House M.D."

Question 3:
I was never interested in reality TV shows. I think these shows are purely a waste of time and I don't really see why people think it's interesting to see how other people live their lives. It's just too strange for me.

Question 4:
Well, my kids are so into watching a lot of TV shows and movies so I might be doing a lot of watching with them as long as I can find the time to spend with them, so I think that's a yes.